NJIT: Course Schedule

What is this Course Schedule system?

CourseSchedule.njit.edu is the new interface to the listing of courses offered each semester at NJIT (as well as courses available at nearby Rutgers-Newark and UMDNJ). It replaces a decade-old PERL script that offered limited functionality and looked old and tired.

Besides wrapping the course schedule in NJIT's current web design, a number of other feature improvements were added, including:

  • improved navigation (jump from semester to semester within a subject or even within a course)
  • ability to deep link in from outside pages (look: OpenURLs)
  • no more frames (sooooo 1998)
  • breadcrumbs (so you can find your way home)
  • mouseover catalog descriptions (finally, ported *outside* the catalog)
  • faculty names linked to Directory.njit.edu (why not?)
  • and ... Course Profiles

Course Profiles used to be only provided through (yet another) different interface and only for eLearning courses (or, "Distance Learning" courses, as they used to say). However, now all instructors (face to face, eLearning, or hybrid) can provide a Course Profile, which tells the students information like:

  • Syllabus
  • Welcome letter to students
  • Office hours
  • Text books (with ISBNs!)
  • Site for their online course (e.g., WebCT, Moodle, iTunes U, etc.)
  • faculty names linked to Directory.njit.edu (why not?)
  • and more

This new Course Schedule site -- with Course Profiles -- supports the Provost's policy that on the first day of class each student should be provided with a course syllabus (or directions on how to access it on the web) and that electronic files of course syllabi from current and past semesters should be available on the web.

Is Course Profiles done yet? Heck, no; this is just Version 1.0 that we've rolled out in March 2008. We've got a long list of further enhancements lined up for Versions 1.5 (summer target), 2.0 (September target), and 3.0 (by 2009).

In the meantime, we've love your feedback on the site: "Given enough eyeballs, all bug are shallow." Email us at courseschedule.admin@njit.edu. Maybe your request will make the 2.0 or 3.0 feature set.

-- The UIS (University Information Services) and UWS (University Web Services) Teams